Bluetooth Receiver

Our bluetooth receiver is based on the same receiver design as the protothrottle (xbee) receiver but uses a different network chip and firmware. We have a custom Android Application that allows you to control your locomotive with your Android Phone (we do not support Apple iOS, sorry)

Android App
Details on our Android Application, free download.

Building the Receiver Board
Instructions for building the Receiver. It is based on an Atmega328p (same as arduino pro mini) running at 16Mhz. It is a generic board designed to accomodate all three networks, Protothrottle (xbee), Airwire (912Mhz) and Bluetooth.

Buillding the DCC Amplifier
All receivers need a Booster to turn the logic level DCC output of the receiver board into a full voltage DCC signal that can drive DCC decoders.

Logic Connections
These are the outputs of the receiver board. The DCC output goes to the DCC amplifier, the servo controls drive generic R/C servos directly.

Power Connections
This is how all the parts are hooked together.

Hookup Details
More wiring details