Change Bluetooth Device Name

You can change the device name of the Bluetooth receiver so it matches the locomotive or device it is installed in. I would like to make this easier but there is sort of a ‘catch22’ when you have the unit installed in the receiver. So here is a method to rename your device so your locomotives are uniquely identified.

Using this method, when you pair the receiver and then select it with one of the apps, you will see this name instead of the default. For example Aristo U25B 8133. The following instructions are for a Windows Machine. If you need Mac or Linux assistance, drop me an email, I’ll post that up too.

You will need a piece of hardware to do this, the Sparkfun Xbee Explorer works great, however you will need to solder one jumper on the back like this:

This jumpers the DIO0 pin to 3.3v, ie it holds the pin high on the Bluetooth Device when it’s plugged in. This is required to put the module into ‘AT’ mode. Using this and a terminal program like Putty you can change the name

Follow this link to install Putty. Remove the bluetooth module (unplug it from the receiver) and insert it into the Sparkfun device. Connect the USB to it and then use the device manager to determine what COM port the USB is connected to:

Open up Putty and set it up like this:

Set the Serial Line to the com port discovered in the above step and the baud rate to 38400. Save this setup for future use if you wish. Click open and you will get a terminal window that is now connected to the Bluetooth Network Device. Type a capital ‘A’ and a capital ‘T’ and hit return a couple of times (no quotes). You should get an ‘OK’ back.

Now type in ‘AT+NAME?’ and hit return a couple of times, you should see this: (although the name may be different, I pre-program assembled and tested units with ‘Loco-xxxx’)

To set a new name, type in AT+NAME=this is the new name and hit return a couple of times. You should see the ‘OK’ again. Repeat the above step to read the name back ‘AT+NAME?’ and it should show you the new name. If correct you are all finished, disconnect the USB and unplug the module and return it to the receiever. If you have paired this device before with your phone and try again, it my not pick up the new name, you may have to un-pair and pair it again. It sometimes helps to turn Bluetooth off and then on again in the settings and scan for new devices.