Battery DCC

If you are not very familiar with DCC, here is a quick explaination. DCC stands for Digital Command Control and is a standard implemented and maintained by the National Model Railroad Association (NMRA). It is a unique form of control that got it’s start in the smaller scales. A digital control waveform is ‘superimposed’ on the DC power signal that goes out on the rails. This waveform is actually a series of digital messages, repeated over and over. Each of these messages has an address and some data. The address specifies which locomotive is supposed to respond to the message. This effectively creates a ‘network’ using the track as the transmission line. These messages consist of things like ‘set throttle to xxx’ or ‘turn on lights’ or ‘sound horn’ etc.

This is a list of decoders we have tested with:

Basic Schematic for driving DCC with Battery Power – TCS Wow 501 shown here