Blueridge Engineering makes boards and kits to drive Large Scale Model Trains using Battery Power and DCC decoders. We also offer solutions for Live Steam locomotives using Servo controls. We support three main controller types, the Protothrottle, the Airwire T5000 controller and Android Phones (via bluetooth). Using these controllers we have three different types of receiver units – a standard receiver that can accept Xbee (protothrottle), BlueTooth (android control) and 915Mhz (Airwire) Network boards. We also offer an Airwire Receiver (or Transmitter) based on the Arduino ProMini board (where you can manipulate the software), and while we don’t produce it- we also support the older style Gwire Receiver (available on Ebay). All of these receiver boards then feed a logic level DCC signal into a ‘DCC Amplifier’ which allows you to control any off-the-shelf DCC decoder.