Our Device is very similar to a standard R/C receiver except it uses an Android phone or tablet as the controller. It can control three servos, output a DCC stream and trigger two digital outputs. It has two R/C modes and one DCC mode and you can mix them together if you wish.

DCC Mode In this configuration the receiver drives a DCC decoder using battery power. In order to do that, it requires an additional component, the DCC Amplifier. Most Large Scale DCC decoders should work but we have specifically tested with the SoundTraxx Decoders, the TCSWow and the QSI Titan Large Scale Decoders. Smaller decoders like the 2Amp Economi Diesel and Steam Decoders will work for single truck locos and rail cars. Also in this mode, the Servos can be used to trigger the couplers as well.

R/C Mode 0 In this mode you can control Live Steam Locomotives using the three servos and two digital outputs. Servo 0 is always the throttle control, the other two channels can be used however you wish. The SteamApp-1.x-release.apk on the Apps Download Page is used as the controller. The main difference with this mode vs the one below is the ‘fail safe’ stop setting. In this mode, if the communications with the phone is lost, the throttle is set to zero (stop) which means the servo is set all the way to one side.

R/C Mode 1 This is similar to the above, but servo 0 is intended to drive an ESC (electronic speed controller) that has a ‘center off’ position. Servo throw all the way left is full reverse, center is stop and all right is full forward. This means the ‘Fail Safe’ now has to be set to the center off position. Use the GenRC-1.x-release.apk App with this mode.