Our Bluetooth board is very similar to a standard R/C receiver except it uses an Android device and a custom app as the control interface. It outputs a DCC stream to control standard NMRA compliant decoders and can also control three R/C type servos. These can be used for live steam situations or for the front and rear couplers. Our device is available as a kit or as an assembled and tested unit.

By using our BlueDCC receiver and our DCC Amplifier you can control a standard Large Scale DCC decoder using battery power and our Android App. No other controller or track wiring is needed. You don’t need a computer or a Wifi network, the app directly controls our board using your phone or tablet and bluetooth. Most modern decoders should work but we have specifically tested with the SoundTraxx Decoders and the TCSWow since these are the two most popular and available Large Scale Decoders. We have also tested with the somewhat harder to get QSI Titan decoders.

Our boards implement the core DCC functionality- 128 step throttle, function codes zero through 28 (lights and sounds), and direction and emergency stop. We also support CV programming to configure your decoder. Our goal is to provide a simple, easy to use interface that works with popular large scale decoders ‘out of the box’. We want you to run your locomotive with realistic sounds, lights, momentum and braking without a lot of complicated programming.

In a standard DCC install, there are only two major connections. The logic signal from the BlueDCC receiver board to the DCC Amplifier, and the two power wires from the DCC Amp to the track inputs of the decoder.

This video shows the install of the board in an Aristocraft U25B. It’s driving a TSU-4400 Soundtraxx 4Amp Decoder.

This video shows it out on the layout.