Android Apps

We have written quite a few apps for our board but all of them suffered one drawback- they didn’t work on all versions of Android. These earlier apps are still available and work fine on Android versions 4.4 through 6, but we have also developed a new, more versatile app that works with all versions of android devices.

Download our New App Here

A description of the App and it’s screens can be found HERE

The older apps can be found on Google Play or you can download them from this site.

Download Original Apps

Android Devices: I am currently using the BLU Studio X8 as my main development device. This is also my main controller that I use only for trains, I don’t have service on it. It is certainly not required but considering how cheap phones are getting these days, you may want to consider a unit just for your trains. The link above is to an unlocked smartphone running Android 4.4.2. It’s only $50 so I use mine with no service, exclusively as a train controller.

Download: Navigate to the above links or Google Play with your device and download and install. Alternatively, you can download it to your computer, then copy it to your device- it is a standard .apk android install file.

Setup: Before the App can talk to your device, you must pair it. Power up the bluetooth receiver device and then go to the settings icon on your phone. Pick ‘Bluetooth’ and then ‘search for devices’. You should see a new name in the list. (The name is ‘Loco-xxxx’ where the xxxx is the serial number of the board, printed on the device label) Touch the entry to pair with it. It should ask you for a pin code. Enter 1234 and tap ‘ok’.

Now when you run one of the apps, you should be presented with a list of all devices paired with your phone. Use the plus and minus keys to select the proper device and touch ‘select’. Note that there is always a choice ‘no device’. This lets you run the app in demo mode. Also, if you try to connect to a paired, but not powered up device, it will sort of ‘hang’ the app as behind the scenes it looks for a response.

It is possible to change the name of the Bluetooth device to show something like ‘Aristo Dash9 9022’ but you will need a device programmer. These are not expensive (about $30 us) and there is a how-to in the wiki and a link on the products page if you want to go that route.

Apps : The apps on Google Play and here are all fairly similar, I’ve just condensed down features specific to a couple of control situations. There are the RC only apps, these control Servos and ESCs for battery control, live steam or other tasks. There are also several flavors of DCC apps tailored to specific decoders. A generic DCC app is also available, this will let you get to all the supported DCC, servo functions and digital outputs of the board. The GenDCC app will also let you change CVs in your decoder.

Soundtraxx Apps – These apps are designed to be used with the Soundtraxx TSU-4400 and Economi series of decoders.

  • SoundTraxGE-1.x-release-unsigned.apk – GE Diesel
  • economi-1.x-release.apk – diesel version
  • economi-steam-1.x-release.apk – steam version

Other DCC Apps – The TCS Wow and Generic DCC control apps.

  • TCSWOW-1.x-release.apk – TCS wow 5A decoder
  • GenDCC-1.x-release.apk – Generic DCC Controller

RC Apps – Use these to control Servos and ESCs.

  • SteamApp-1.x-release.apk – RC for steam – Controls 3 Servos. (Note this is called ‘SteamBlue’ on the Play Store)
  • GenRC-1.x-release.apk – same as above but defaults to ESCs with center stop settings.