Setup and Testing

You can test this unit with three things: an R/C servo, an R/C receiver battery pack and an Android Phone. A five volt wall wart will also work to power the receiver but you will need the servo type connector on the end. Plug the servo into the connector marked 0 and the battery into the connector marked P.

Download our GenRC-1.4-release.apk app, power up the receiver and pair your phone with it. Run the app and choose the paired device. You should see a change in the led flash rate of the bluetooth device when it connects. On the main screen of the app, move the slider and you should see the servo move.

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Newest Android App


For the most part, the receiver just works. You don’t have to do any setup or configuration for it to function. However there are a couple of things you can configure if you need to. The first is the timeout. When the board detects that the communications with the phone has been interrupted for more than three seconds, it will stop the locomotive. You can set this to longer, up to about a minute or you can disable it all together but three seconds is the default. The newest app is required to set the timeout value, the older apps have no provision for this.