Xbee Network Web App

This is an application that allows you to scan the xbee network of the protothrottle. You can see and configure all of your Protothrottle equipped receivers. It runs on a Raspberry Pi Zero W. The Rpi is configured as a standalone web server with it’s own private network and wifi access. You connect to it and then the RpiZW (via an Xbee on a USB port) talks to the Protothrottle Network.

Since it is a web app, you can use your computer, phone, tablet or anything with a browser to configure your Protothrottle Receiver. This is (will be) available as a free RPi image that you download, put on an SD card, plug it into your RpiZW and it just works.

If you are interested, the source code for this app is here- https://github.com/martan3d/rpiwebapp

It’s written in Python using the Flask Web framework. If you like python (as I do) Flask is the ultimate in making web apps IMHO.

The above link is just the app so you will also need to have your RpiZeroW setup as a web server and wifi access point. I don’t have all the details documented yet but you can just download my pre-configured image and try it out. Some instructions and details are here- Protothrottle Receiver RpiZW Image


Below are a couple of screen shots of the app.