Cytron DCC Power Amp

The Cytron Power Amp takes the logic level DCC signal from the Protothrottle Receiver and produces full voltage DCC. The Cytron will handle up to 13A of power, more than twice what any large scale decoder on the market needs.


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Basic Hookup

The image below shows the minimum components required for deadrail DCC operation. To the left is the Receiver. The yellow, black and white wire is the logic level DCC signal from the receiver to the Cytron in the middle. The component on the right is a 5v ‘buck’ down voltage converter. These convert whatever battery voltage you have down to a nice clean 5v power for the receiver. The two green screw terminals on the botton of the Cytron are the DCC outputs. Connect these to the ‘track power’ inputs on a DCC decoder. Click on the image below for a full size picture for better detail.


  • The DCC address on the decoder must be set to 3. The Receiver handles the address and consisting.
  • The above are the minimum components, always use a switch harness and a fuse in actual installations

Cables, Speed Controllers and other Accessories

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