Protothrottle Receiver

The Protothrottle receiver is an Xbee device that listens for signals directly from the Protothrottle. It is designed to drive Large Scale DCC decoders in a ‘dead rail’ battery powered environment. No other translators or devices are needed, the Protothrottle talks directly to this device. It outputs a logic level DCC signal that is then boosted to the required voltage using our DCC Power Amplifier. In addition to DCC, it also offers 3 servo outputs that can be mapped as throttle and direction for Live Steam locomotives. Alternatively, these can also be used to trigger servos for the front and rear couplers of diesel locomotives.

Quick Youtube Video
This is my first proof of concept design. The receiver is driving a TCSWow 501 Diesel decoder in a USAT GP9.

Latest Video
Latest install. TCSWow, 2.6Mah Lipo, two smoke units into a USAT GP38-2

Building the Receiver Board
Instructions for building the Receiver. It is based on an Atmega328p running at 16Mhz. It is a generic board designed to accommodate all three popular wireless DCC networks, Protothrottle (xbee), Airwire (915Mhz) and Bluetooth.

Configure the Xbee Chip
Instructions for configuring the Xbee network chip for use with the Protothrottle. (not quite ready yet).

Installing the Configuration App
Instructions and a Raspberry Pi image for setting up the Protothrottle Configuration Tool.

Buillding the DCC Amplifier
All receivers need a Booster to turn the logic level DCC output of the receiver board into a full voltage DCC signal that can drive DCC decoders.

Logic Connections
These are the outputs of the receiver board. The DCC output goes to the DCC amplifier, the servo controls drive generic R/C servos directly.

Power Connections
This is how all the parts are hooked together.

Hookup Details
More wiring details

How to get the Kit
Buy a complete kit or just the PCB and populate it yourself. (soon)