Welcome to Blueridge Engineering. We build dead rail receivers for the Protothrottle. Our device provides DCC and R/C Servo/ESC outputs. No other wireless components are required, the receiver interprets commands directly from the Protothrottle unit. You can use any of the large scale DCC decoders, an Electronic Speed Controller, Servos or a combination of these. The Receiver also has two digital outputs that can be assigned to any function code.

06/18/2022: Since I am unable to obtain the main component for my standalone receiver programmer, I have developed a Windows based app that does the same thing. The program should work on any version of windows from Win7 through Windows 10. It requires an Xbee mounted on a USB carrier board which is available on the Shop Page. You can find the Windows setup instructions here – http://blueridgeengineering.net/windows-programmer/

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