Our Receiver is based on the Xbee Wireless device, the same radio chip used in the Protothrottle. The Xbee design has been around for many years and is actively supported by Digi, the company that makes them. These devices are used in many Industrial IOT installations. The Xbee3 is the current version of this chip and has many improvements and new features.

Our recommended DCC driver can source up to 13A to control large scale decoders like the Soundtraxx TSU-4400, the ESU Lok 5XL and the TCS Wow 501. The Receiver can can also control ESCs and servos. The servos have programmable limits and direction and the ESC output (servo 0) has programmable acceleration, deceleration and braking parameters. In ESC and ESC/Physics mode, servo 0 output is a ‘center off’ configuration which is typical of most ESCs used for vehicles. Compatible ESCs we have tested with are the Syren50 and the Pololu series.

Protothrottle Receiver

The Protothrottle Receiver is a small board that can operate in three modes: DCC, ESC and Live Steam. These modes can also be used together, for example DCC for sounds and lights while using the servo 0 output to drive an ESC.   More Info


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DCC Power Amp

The Cytron Power Amplifier connects to the Receiver to provide up to 10Amps of DCC power. This module includes a custom cable for a direct connection to the Receiver.   More Info


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PT Receiver Programmer

Our standalone programmer allows you to use a computer or tablet to configure all of your PT receiver modules. Unfortunately, this unit is based on the Raspberry Pi Zero W which are basically impossible to get right now, so I don’t know when I’ll have them back in stock.


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Receiver Programmer Cable

This cable allows you to use your Windows Computer to Program the Receiver. It functions almost identically to the standalone web app based programmer but runs as a windows app. This cable plugs into any USB port on your computer and allows windows to talk via the Xbee to the Receiver.


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