Our Receiver allows you to use battery power to run your locomotives directly from the Protothrottle. No other devices are required, the Protothrottle talks directly to this board. Our Programmer lets you browse the PT Xbee Network, configure your Receivers and send CV commands to your decoders.

Protothrottle Receiver

The Protothrottle Receiver is a small board that can operate in three modes: DCC, ESC and Live Steam. These modes can also be used together, for example DCC for sounds and lights while using the servo 0 output to drive an ESC.   More Info


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DCC Power Amp

The Cytron Power Amplifier connects to the Receiver to provide up to 10Amps of DCC power. This module includes a custom cable for a direct connection to the Receiver.   More Info


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PT Receiver Programmer

Our standalone programmer allows you to use a computer or tablet to configure all of your PT receiver modules.   More Info


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