Our Receiver is based on the Xbee Wireless device, the same radio chip used in the Protothrottle. The latest version is the Xbee3 which can transmit and receive on the Protothrottle 802.15.4 network and also Bluetooth Low Energy. This enables our receiver to talk to both the Protothrottle and a compatible Android Phone or Tablet. Note: Bluetooth Functionality is in beta only, currently only the non-bluetooth firmware is shipping

Our recommended driver can source 13A of DCC to control large scale decoders like the Soundtraxx TSU-4400 and the TCS Wow 501. The Receiver can can also control large ESCs and servos, it has 3 servo outputs. The servos have programmable limits and direction and the ESC has acceleration, deceleration and braking parameters.

Protothrottle Receiver

The Protothrottle Receiver is a small board that can operate in three modes: DCC, ESC and Live Steam. These modes can also be used together, for example DCC for sounds and lights while using the servo 0 output to drive an ESC.   More Info


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DCC Power Amp

The Cytron Power Amplifier connects to the Receiver to provide up to 10Amps of DCC power. This module includes a custom cable for a direct connection to the Receiver.   More Info


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PT Receiver Programmer

Our standalone programmer allows you to use a computer or tablet to configure all of your PT receiver modules.   More Info


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Android App

This app is still in beta, but you can download it here:
Android Protothrottle App