Airwire Receivers


The AirRx is an Airwire Compatible board that can operate in three modes: DCC, ESC and Live Steam. These modes can also be used together, for example DCC for sounds and lights while using the servo 0 output to drive an ESC or live steam.   More Info


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DCC Power Amp

The Cytron Power Amplifier connects to the Receiver to provide up to 10Amps of DCC power. This module includes a custom cable for a direct connection to the Receiver.   More Info


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ProMini Air

The ProminiAir is a airwire compatible receiver based on the Ardunio Promini board. This is offered as a circuit board with instructions. It’s easy to assemble and all parts are available from Amazon or various electronics suppliers like Sparkfun, Adafruit or Digikey. The software fairly simple and available on Github as an open source project.   More Info


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QSI Modifications

This is not really a product, it is a set of instructions to modify an older QSI Airwire receiver. These can be had from various sources on the used market but are no longer produced commercially. These are simple modifications that let this receiver power DCC decoders using the above power amp.