Configure Screen – This is the first of several screens to program the functions inside the Recevier. These have no meaning if you are running track power, however in dead rail mode, they offer ways to set the receiver locomotive number, if this receiver is in consist mode and the general mode of the receiver outputs. On this page are the Protothrottle address components. The first is the Protothrottle Address, this is A-Z, generally this is not changed. The next value is the base station address, this also is usually left at it’s default. The next value is the consist address and direction. If this is a consisted locomotive, the address indicates which locomotive it is slaved to and the direction it is pointed. This is only relevant if you are using a real Protothrottle, it has no effect if you are doing bluetooth.

Note the button row, M S W P 1 2 X. These small buttons select which of the config screens are displayed. M is the Main Config, it will show you the PT address and consist info, S is the servo (this screen). W is the watchdog screen, P is physics settings if you are using an ESC (electronic speed controller). The 1 and 2 buttons are for selecting the notch settings (only applicable if you are in consist mode) and X is the consist function flags.