Airwire Receivers

Our Airwire receiver is based on the Arduino Pro Mini 16Mhz and uses all open source software. This is an easy to assemble kit and gives you access (in the software) to the DCC signal so that you can manipulate it if you wish. The Promini board can also be programmed to be a Transmitter. You can use any DCC output (say from your Digitraxx or other DCC controller) to transmit out over the Airwire Frequencies (channel is adjustable in the software) This does require a small opto isolated input-board (details asap)

We also offer a modification of aftermarket QSI receivers that will work with our DCC amplifier.

Building the Airwire Arduino Receiver
Instructions for building this board.

Arduino Sketch
This is the source code for the receiver board.

QSI decoder
These are fully assembled commercial boards and can be ordered from Ebay.

QSI modifications
How to modify your QSI receiver to work with a DCC amplifier.

Cheap Airwire DCC project
How to build a cheap Airwire dead rail receiver with a 10A DCC driver.

Buillding the DCC Amplifier
All receivers need a Booster to turn the logic level DCC output of the receiver board into a full voltage DCC signal that can drive DCC decoders.

Debugging the Logic
How to see what is going on and doing basic debugging.

Logic Connections
These are the outputs of the receiver board.

Power Connections
This is how all the parts are hooked together.

Hookup Details
More wiring details